This Girl

This girl taught me about love at first sight and how my heart could be filled for a tiny little being.  She has in countless ways prepared me for motherhood.  This girl has been a joy all along. She has a brilliant mind. This girl loves justice and mercy. She is such a loving, giving soul. She is stunning. This girl is full of giggles and having fun. She loves Jesus fiercely and seeks to serve Him. This girl insisted on growing up. She is becoming a remarkable adult. This girl is Union High school Class of 2017, and Iowa State bound. This girl might never know how much her aunt loves her. How proud she is of her and feels blessed to capture her for these milestones. Love you Hallie Girl and so glad I get to be on the sidelines for you life cheering you on.

Precious Moments

A few short months ago my sister in law got married.  What a joy and privilege it was to capture her day!  She has dreamed of this day for a long time.  I could not be happier for her and her husband. One of the special parts of this wedding was finding ways to include my mother in law who was in the hospital.  It was touching as Sharlie found ways to include Mary in each part of the day. She was on the phone viewing Sharlie getting in her dress. There was not a dry eye in the room when Mary expressed how beautiful she thought Sharlie looked. Sharlie had a photo of both of them as part of her bouquet.  Mary had 3 different views via skype for the ceremony, probably having the best view of the wedding. When the last toast had been toasted and last dance was done Sharlie’s first stop was visiting her mom in the hospital. What a precious time it was as they recounted the wedding to Mary.  Mary had the biggest smile on her face taking it all in.  These important moments that I had the opportunity to observe are etched in my mind. My mother in law lost her battle with cancer 3 short weeks later. I know she longed to see Sharlie on her wedding day and was so utterly proud of her.  I am so glad she was apart of seeing them become man and wife.  I am also glad we have these images to remember such an important joyous day in our family.



































In the Trenches

Marcy is a in the trenches kind of friend.  She sees me at my worst and hopefully at my best.  She knows the pains and the joys.  She gets to remind me often to not believe lies that easily slip into my head.  We have someone how have managed despite living apart for over 3 years to keep sharing daily life together.  I love having the excuse at least once a year to photograph her beautiful family.  I love how each of her girls have their own beauty and personality.    My favorite photo of the session was the last one posted.  It shows, her follow the directions oldest, her easy going daydreamer second, and her take off and conquer third.  I am privileged to watch these girls grow up in front of my lens and to have such a great friend in their mom.




























To See Her This Way

About 12 years ago I meet for the first time this vibrant, tell it how it is, full of laughter lady.  She became my sister-in-law a year later.  She is till all those things but now she is also in love.  It is so much fun to see her this way.  To watch her trust and give herself to Terrill is precious.  It does my heart well to see the glow and demonstrations of satisfaction and contentment.  It was my privilege to capture their sweet love.







It’s for bittersweet reasons I had the opportunity to photograph this family.  This family is moving.  For this I am sad.  I am sad because my youngest walks around the house yelling Lulu, my son is full of excitement after an adventure with Finley,  and my oldest recalls the giggles shared between her,  Emerson, and Harper.  I am sad because we exchange babysitting.  I am sad because Lydsay gets me.  I am sad because this family has become every so dear to my family.  So all of that is the bitter in the bittersweet.  The sweet is watching them having a calling on their life and not being afraid to act on it.  The sweet is knowing another family doing the hard work of ministry, walking that same journey even if it has to be so far away.  The sweet is knowing lifelong friendships have been formed and for this I am so grateful.  The sweet is also having the chance to capture their family before we part ways.  I love them dearly and so glad to call them friends.































A Family to Be Proud Of

I finally made it back up to Iowa to photograph one of my favorite families. They happen to be my brother’s family but they are still one of my favorites!  I had not had the chance to do a family session with them in over two years.  My nieces and nephews have changed SO much in that time.  They also added to their family in December bringing home two more beautiful kids from Africa.  I am very proud of the family Chad and Heidi have.  They could have chosen to live the “American Dream” but they felt a higher calling for their family.  They knew they wanted to impact 3 little lives from Africa that would have had a very different life there.  Even though I know they feel like they are being pulled apart in a thousand directions, they know their family is their ministry and they are honoring God in raising these magnificent seven children.  Yet again my big brother is teaching me so much.  I am blessed to be apart of it.

Near and Dear to My Heart

I have looked forward to photographing Anna’s engagement session for many, many years.  She has patiently waited, earnestly prayed and quietly sought the person God had intended for her.  As Anna’s best friend I did much of the same, you see Anna is one of the dearest people in my life for a thousand different reasons and not just any man would do.  She is seriously one of the best people God has designed and the person that got to spend the rest of their life with her had to be something pretty amazing.  Through a wonderful love story Eric came to be that man.  I think what I like best about him is that he realizes the prize he has won when he ask for Anna’s hand and is thankful to God for the gift of her.  What more could a best friend ask for?

















Our New Addition

I have taken a few months off but for good reason.  We welcomed our son Nehemiah Colin on November 17, 2010.  He is a sweet little boy.  Alea has adjusted to being a big sister beautifully! I thought you might like to get a peak at him.  I am looking forward to getting back working with clients and photographing the moments in your life.  Hope you enjoy my little man’s newborn photos.












My most difficult client turns two

By far and away Alea is my most difficult client.  I think it has something to do with being her mom and her photographer.  It might be that she is photographed more often then she would like.  It might be the stubborn streak in her that I think she may have gotten from me.  Anyway, I never look forward to my attempt to have a session with her.  However, I still walk away with some photographs that will be hung up in our house and reminds me how precious this wonderful gift is to me.  I can’t believe she is already two.  Love that little girl, stubborn streak and all.