A New Union

This session was so fun.  It was to celebrate an engagement and the new union of this family from the engagement. I loved seeing how the kids already love Trey so much.  I also enjoyed capturing Kytrell and Trey as the newness of the engagement brings giggles, sparks and expression of love. What a precious family to get in front of my camera.


Writing of a love story

Every great love story as a beginning, I have had the privilege of getting to watch this love story unfold.  I love the idea these two knew each other once and it wasn’t till years later that it became let’s spend the rest of our lives together. Like any good love story there has been bumps in the road but watching them learn and overcome them makes for the best read. I am excited to be apart of their day when they commit to forever. They are adorable to watch and are an amazing couple.  God has big plans for these two as a couple and I will enjoy watching Him finish the love story for many years to come.


Near and Dear to My Heart

I have looked forward to photographing Anna’s engagement session for many, many years.  She has patiently waited, earnestly prayed and quietly sought the person God had intended for her.  As Anna’s best friend I did much of the same, you see Anna is one of the dearest people in my life for a thousand different reasons and not just any man would do.  She is seriously one of the best people God has designed and the person that got to spend the rest of their life with her had to be something pretty amazing.  Through a wonderful love story Eric came to be that man.  I think what I like best about him is that he realizes the prize he has won when he ask for Anna’s hand and is thankful to God for the gift of her.  What more could a best friend ask for?