Precious Baby Boy

I was so happy when I got the call asking to photograph Maverick. He was the best little newborn model. He was awake just enough and in deep sleep when we needed him to be. He was content and sweet. We even got to move somethings around to document him being a Christmas baby. I love the smell, tininess, and how simply precious newborns are and Maverick was not exception!

A New Union

This session was so fun.  It was to celebrate an engagement and the new union of this family from the engagement. I loved seeing how the kids already love Trey so much.  I also enjoyed capturing Kytrell and Trey as the newness of the engagement brings giggles, sparks and expression of love. What a precious family to get in front of my camera.


This Girl

This girl taught me about love at first sight and how my heart could be filled for a tiny little being.  She has in countless ways prepared me for motherhood.  This girl has been a joy all along. She has a brilliant mind. This girl loves justice and mercy. She is such a loving, giving soul. She is stunning. This girl is full of giggles and having fun. She loves Jesus fiercely and seeks to serve Him. This girl insisted on growing up. She is becoming a remarkable adult. This girl is Union High school Class of 2017, and Iowa State bound. This girl might never know how much her aunt loves her. How proud she is of her and feels blessed to capture her for these milestones. Love you Hallie Girl and so glad I get to be on the sidelines for you life cheering you on.

Perfect Day

Katie & Daniel had the perfect day for a wedding. It was such a lovely day that was only made more complete by a gorgeous bride and smitten groom. It was a joy to spend the day with them capturing their wedding memories. This is a sweet couple that I have been able to walk along side from day one.  The journey to their love story had a few twists and turns but I am glad it lead straight to the alter in the end. I am excited not only to be part of their wedding day but to have side line view of their marriage as well. I know it’s going to be a good one.



I love a good excuse to see this family. Hard to believe their little guy is already a year old! What an honor to get a few hours to peer into a great family and capture them being them. It’s moments like capturing Gus’ first step and the priceless look on his mama’s face that make my job awesome. I also love this family gives me the license to be artistic and try new ideas and techniques. Pretty much they are amazing clients and I am so glad they are mine!


A Special Love

Single moms have my utmost respect. They are the brave, courageous and ever so strong amount us moms.  They face stress, concern and effort I can only begin to imagine while pouring themselves fully into their kids. It’s amazing to watch.  It produces this profound bond and deep love between mother and child.  Shelly and Mela demonstrate this so well.  It was such a joy to capture this love and being allowed to showcase their bond.  Shelly is such a great mom and doing an awesome job with Mela.


Writing of a love story

Every great love story as a beginning, I have had the privilege of getting to watch this love story unfold.  I love the idea these two knew each other once and it wasn’t till years later that it became let’s spend the rest of our lives together. Like any good love story there has been bumps in the road but watching them learn and overcome them makes for the best read. I am excited to be apart of their day when they commit to forever. They are adorable to watch and are an amazing couple.  God has big plans for these two as a couple and I will enjoy watching Him finish the love story for many years to come.


The plans for him

As I held this precious blond hair, blue eye gift of a boy I kept thinking what will he become? Will he be this amazing mix of sassy, sweet and smart like his big sister? Will he be loyal, thoughtful and giving person like his mommy? Will he dream big dreams that turn into entrepreneurship like his daddy?  I pray he loves and protects his sister fiercely.  I pray he loves his mommy tenderly. I pray he seeks to love and honor God like his daddy. Mostly I pray he becomes the man God has already ordained him to be and discovers all the gifts God wrapped in just him. I know God has big plans for this baby boy can’t wait to see how they unfold.

For I know the plans I have for you,” declares the LORD, “plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future. Jeremiah 29:11




The WHOLE family

I love when a client says, “hey can you take photos for my WHOLE family?” I have so enjoyed getting to know the McCune extended family. I looked forward to meeting Kyle and Betsy whom I heard much about.  This family is so sweet.  They love each other fiercely! After several attempts on their part of to accomplish this session and weather fighting them all along the way,  we ended up with a surprising warm, beautiful day. I could not have enjoyed this session more.































Precious Moments

A few short months ago my sister in law got married.  What a joy and privilege it was to capture her day!  She has dreamed of this day for a long time.  I could not be happier for her and her husband. One of the special parts of this wedding was finding ways to include my mother in law who was in the hospital.  It was touching as Sharlie found ways to include Mary in each part of the day. She was on the phone viewing Sharlie getting in her dress. There was not a dry eye in the room when Mary expressed how beautiful she thought Sharlie looked. Sharlie had a photo of both of them as part of her bouquet.  Mary had 3 different views via skype for the ceremony, probably having the best view of the wedding. When the last toast had been toasted and last dance was done Sharlie’s first stop was visiting her mom in the hospital. What a precious time it was as they recounted the wedding to Mary.  Mary had the biggest smile on her face taking it all in.  These important moments that I had the opportunity to observe are etched in my mind. My mother in law lost her battle with cancer 3 short weeks later. I know she longed to see Sharlie on her wedding day and was so utterly proud of her.  I am so glad she was apart of seeing them become man and wife.  I am also glad we have these images to remember such an important joyous day in our family.