Last Two

I absolutely love becoming a families goto photographer. I love watching kids grow up to adults. I love getting to apart of a families milestones. This family is pretty dear to my heart and I can hardly believe it was time for the last two kids to be ready for senior photos. I first meet the twins when they were very young. It reminds me how quickly time really does pass. Our session allowed me to wander Kansas City which always makes my heart happy. They introduced me to some new hot spots and we went to some good oldies. It was a fun morning capturing what makes these two who they are.


When I think of my interactions with this family I immediately think of authentic. Even though it’s been a while since I have seen them they remain steadfast to that very word. I got to sneak a few family photos before we focused on Mateo. That last time I photographed him was 8 years ago. He was just as respectful, quiet and assured as I remembered him to be. He choose a few of his favorite locations in Kansas City to be photograph at. I also happen to love those places so it worked out well. He even showed me of a hidden bridge I was unaware of and fell in love with. It was a such a great session with such an authentic, kind and handsome young man.

A fun adventure

Elle’s session was one full of fun adventure. Which may have included a bit of hiking. I loved that she had ideas and thoughts but was also interested in direction and trying different things. It was super hard to narrow these photos down for a sneak peek. This girl is stunning and does not take a bad photo.


In a blink of an eye

In a blink of an eye Parker went from a little girl to a woman. Her family is near and dear to our hearts and we have watched her grow up over the years. What a joy she is. I had so much fun reminiscing, laughing and getting caught up. She was so chill about her senior session and it was such an enjoyable one to do. I am impressed with her self assurance, inner beauty and as always I am taken by those gorgeous eyes. It’s hard to believe we are already doing her senior session but I am blessed to be the one behind the camera to capture this milestone.



Sometimes a friend of a friend hears about your work and gives you a call. Sometimes that leads to a session. Sometimes that leads to a beautiful spring day. Sometimes that leads to capturing a gorgeous senior. Sometimes that leads to capturing moments that will be embraced for years to come. This was my Saturday and I would not trade it for the world.

This Girl

This girl taught me about love at first sight and how my heart could be filled for a tiny little being.  She has in countless ways prepared me for motherhood.  This girl has been a joy all along. She has a brilliant mind. This girl loves justice and mercy. She is such a loving, giving soul. She is stunning. This girl is full of giggles and having fun. She loves Jesus fiercely and seeks to serve Him. This girl insisted on growing up. She is becoming a remarkable adult. This girl is Union High school Class of 2017, and Iowa State bound. This girl might never know how much her aunt loves her. How proud she is of her and feels blessed to capture her for these milestones. Love you Hallie Girl and so glad I get to be on the sidelines for you life cheering you on.


If you have followed my blog for any amount of time you know I deeply love this family. It’s been exciting to watch them grow as a family and be included in newborn photography, family photos through the years and now senior sessions. Last year I photographed their oldest and this year I get to photograph their first set of twins. They were so gracious to share the spot light with each other. It was fun to focus on what made each of them special however.  Micah has an abundant amount of natural athletic talent. He is unassuming about his abilities though. Savannah loved every minute of getting to be a model for a day. It was fun to see her smile so easily and strike a pose. They are both remarkable young people and such a privilege to get to spend the day with.


So much fun

I had so much fun doing Kailey’s senior portraits.  She is so easy going.  I particular liked she got my communication.  I could say a simple word like “whimsical” and she would go in a perfect pose. I have also failed to mention that she has such a striking beauty, not only on the outside but evident on the inside as well.   She braved some chilly weather to get some amazing photographs that I hope encapsulates all that Kailey is.  It was definitely a fun session to be apart of!