When I think of my interactions with this family I immediately think of authentic. Even though it’s been a while since I have seen them they remain steadfast to that very word. I got to sneak a few family photos before we focused on Mateo. That last time I photographed him was 8 years ago. He was just as respectful, quiet and assured as I remembered him to be. He choose a few of his favorite locations in Kansas City to be photograph at. I also happen to love those places so it worked out well. He even showed me of a hidden bridge I was unaware of and fell in love with. It was a such a great session with such an authentic, kind and handsome young man.

Growing Up

I have been able to photograph Ava for all of her 12 years. I absolutely love getting to watch her grow up in my lens. This session we decided to return to a park we used when she was much younger. It was fun to pose her in a similar spot and way to have a comparison. She is growing into a beautiful young lady who is as sweet as can be. I often see her in my mind much more the little girl when we first photograph here rather then realizing the young woman she is becoming. Either way I love photographing her!

Long time

Jen and I meet when we were both single.  Fast forward 12 – 15 years and we are both married and have 5 children between us. It had been a long while since we have a chance to see each other and catch up.  I enjoy that even though we do not see each other often when we do we just pick up where we left off. I am also happy that she used a photograph session as an excuse to see me. Jen has a great family and we had the chance to do some extended family photographs. I am so glad it all worked out for when everyone was back and they have some family photos to cherish.























Sweet Family

Jeanella heard about me through a mutual friend. It happens to be a mutual friend we both adore.  This made for a fast and easy connection.  Through out our session I got to hear some of this family’s inspiring story.  I also was able to photograph two adorable girls.  I was a little nervous about a 8 month old, as you never know how they will do.  Miss Savannah was a rock star.  She smiled on cue almost every time.  She also decided to discover her tongue just in time for our session.  Valerie also did awesome.  I love this age they are full of life and loves and are willing to share with me what those are.  One of her very evident love was for her baby sister.  She adores her and the way Savannah lights ups when Valerie appears makes it known the feelings are mutual. As I walked about from our session I kept thinking what a sweet, sweet family and how blessed I was to be able to capture their family that day.















Final Piece

I meet Doug many years ago because a friend recommend him as a great chiropractor to try.  Over the 12 years I have known Doug he went from not only being my chiropractor (which he truly is an amazing one, just got voted Best Chiropractor in Shawnee, KS) to being a trust friend and often a much needed encourager.  Doug has watched my life transform from a single woman to a married one into motherhood, he has watch me walk through the transition from teacher to photographer and has been a listening ear, and support through all the many paths my life has taken.  I have also gotten to go through some of his journey in life as well.  The most exciting being his recent marriage to Tracy.  When he married Tracy he also gained two precious, sweet girls in his life.  I so enjoyed watching him with his ladies as we did our sessions.  He is over the moon about all three of them, and I think they think he is pretty okay as well.  It does my heart well to see him in love and apart of such a great family.  It’s like a final piece of a puzzle was filled in his life.



















Clouds saved the day

When photographing two active boys under 3 cloud covering can be a photographers best friend.  The weather even though cloudy was perfect for our session.  It allowed me to photograph these two adorable boys where ever they felt like going.  I love this freedom because I get to photograph them being themselves.  William and Issac kept me on my toes but it was so much fun to watch them both interact with their mom and dad.  This is a truly loving family.  It’s hard to believe just a year ago  they were little ones and how fast life changes and they grow.  Such a privilege to get to photograph this family again, especially on a cloudy day.

All grown up

I first met Lindsie when she was apart of a youth group that I helped at in college.  I have fond memories of Lindsie as a teenager but she is all grown up now. It’s amazing for me to see the woman she has become.  I had the privilege of photographing her family.  She is now not only the mother of three cuties but an amazing wife as well.  Along with her family I met and photograph her in laws who adore being grandparents to these three adorable kiddos.  It was a beautiful day,  a wonderful session and a great family to photograph.