Sweet Family

Jeanella heard about me through a mutual friend. It happens to be a mutual friend we both adore.  This made for a fast and easy connection.  Through out our session I got to hear some of this family’s inspiring story.  I also was able to photograph two adorable girls.  I was a little nervous about a 8 month old, as you never know how they will do.  Miss Savannah was a rock star.  She smiled on cue almost every time.  She also decided to discover her tongue just in time for our session.  Valerie also did awesome.  I love this age they are full of life and loves and are willing to share with me what those are.  One of her very evident love was for her baby sister.  She adores her and the way Savannah lights ups when Valerie appears makes it known the feelings are mutual. As I walked about from our session I kept thinking what a sweet, sweet family and how blessed I was to be able to capture their family that day.