Prices are structured to give the best possible investment for Heather’s time and what you will receive. Because Heather does not offer digital images, her session fees are lower than most, and cost is recouped when you place your print order.

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Session Pricing

I am an on-location photographer. We will discuss the best location for your session at the time of making your appointment.

Note: Session fees do not include any prints

Session Fee: $100

This includes a 1-2 hour(s) session, and an online gallery to share with friends and family.

Senior Session Fee: $150

This includes a 2-3 hour session, 3 outfit changes, and an online gallery to share with friends and family.

Extended Family Session Fee: $200

This includes 2-3 hour session, any combination of families you would like photographed, and an online gallery to share with friends and family.

Baby Bundle Session Fee: $275

This includes session for maternity, newborn, six months and a year with an online gallery to share with family and friends.

Weddings: $2000 (does include a product credit)

Wedding Pricing begins at $2000, please contact for more details.

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Print Pricing

We offer two types of prints. Our traditional is standard photograph printed on professional paper and requires a frame. Our contemporary is your photograph mounted to a board and sprayed for protection and does not require a frame.


5X7 (or smaller)              Traditional   $30                            Contemporary              $40
8X10                                 Traditional   $40                           Contemporary              $50
11X14                                Traditional   $55                            Contemporary              $65

Anything over a 11X14 will be based on the longest side and we will custom size it to make the best portrait for you. All of our larger portraits are Contemporary style. We also offer a Gallery Wrap. Our Gallery Wraps are your photograph stretched around a wood frame, ready to hang on the wall.
20″                        Contemporary    $200                         Gallery Wrap          $300
24″                        Contemporary    $250                          Gallery Wrap         $350
30″                        Contemporary    $300                          Gallery Wrap         $400
40″                        Contemporary    $350                          Gallery Wrap         $450

We can customize any order for you.
(only consist of two poses, you may include an additional pose for $25)

Collection 1: (3) 5X7’s, (3) 8X10’s :
Traditional: $160   Contemporary: $ 220

Collection 2: (4) 5X7’s, (3) 8×10’s, (2) 11X14:
Traditional: $280   Contemporary: $360

(quantity includes only one pose)

7 wallets: $25
15 wallets: $30
30 wallets: $35
55 wallets: $42
70 wallets: $50
100 wallets: $65

Our Mosaics are customized to fit you. We design the Mosaics based on the number of photographs, size and best design for your needs. Typically our Mosaics are 10X20, 16X20 or 20X20, or larger, however, we are willing to work with you to create your one of a kind Mosaic.
Contemporary                Gallery Wrap
20″                           $250                                 $350
30″                           $350                                 $450

Press Printed Cards (baby announcements, Christmas Cards, Graduation announcements) * envelopes included *  :

4.5 X 5 flat card: $30 for set of 24 cards
5X5 or 5X7 flat card: $40 for set of 24 cards
4.5 X 5 folded card: $45 for set of 24 cards
5X5 or 5X7 folded card: $55 for set of 24 cards