Special Lady

Donnie is very special lady! She captured my heart as a friend from the word hello. It’s a rare treat when you find a kindred spirit and your time with that person is always filling. It was my joy and pleasure to capture this large, amazing family of hers. It was windy and we had kids that were willing to give just so much time so we made quick work of it. I am so glad she has some images of what God has blessed her with for years to come.


I know I am partial but I adore this family! They call me sister and aunt but even if they did not I would find them remarkable. They endure being in front of my camera at least once a year in some capacity and are troopers. We might bribe a little bit but still troopers! They embody love, working together and being Jesus in human form. Never would they claim perfection but real, authentic and forgiveness defines this family. Like I said I just kind of adore them! I am happy to watch them learn, grow and capture them each year.






Lifetime Clients

One of my all time favorite thing about photography is having a lifetime client. I have photographed milestones in this family from engagement, to wedding to births to first steps to yearly family photos. I simply adore it! This family has a special place in my heart! I love that they want to try new places and explore the possibilities. We had so much fun at the tree farm. I am also hugely appreciative to Krissie because she is the creative mind and extreme talent behind my awesome website. Check it out while you are here, she did such a great job!



A remarkable lady, and a sweet family

I first became friends with Diane along the sidelines of soccer. Even though we no longer enjoy those sidelines chats we have managed to remain in touch. I always look forward to a coffee with Diane. I love to hear her passion for her kids and the ways she teaches and embraces what inspires them. I enjoy hearing how she loves and supports Dan and champions their family business. She is pretty remarkable lady. We have talked about doing a session for many years and I am so glad it worked out this fall. It was fun getting to chat with the kids and capture this sweet family.

Thin Blue Line

When I think of the Thin Blue Line I think of Javier. I think of the sacrifice he makes for to his family. His willingness to lay down his life in name of justice and protection. His willingness to carry the burden of seeing the worst of humanity every time he puts his uniform on. The fact he takes Micah 6:8 as a banner “Act justly, love mercy and walk humbly with your God”  I think on the fact that before his is a police officer, he is a Christ follower. Javier is the best of the best. He is the officer you want walking up to the scene. His level headed,  and put anyone at ease way makes him the right man to carry that badge with honor. What a privilege to capture this man and his family.



Not as planned

Things may have not gone exactly as we planned it for this session but this family rocked it anyway.  I love that this family embraces chaos and flexibility. I think those are wonderful things to encompass in life. They were willing to do exactly what I needed when I needed them to do it.  They are a pretty remarkable bunch that have obvious love for each other.  It was great fun to take a moment out of the crazy to capture them as a family.



I miss seeing these friends. They were apart of an extended family in a precious time of our lives. It’s sad and crazy so much time has lapse since last time we saw each other. We enjoyed laughing about the last session we did involved “twinkle twinkle little star” about 800 times. No need for me making a fool of myself this time. It ended up being a warm but beautiful day to capture this awesome family. I enjoyed getting suggestion from the kids and trying new spots. The time was too short and I pray we don’t let so much time between visits.


This Girl

This girl taught me about love at first sight and how my heart could be filled for a tiny little being.  She has in countless ways prepared me for motherhood.  This girl has been a joy all along. She has a brilliant mind. This girl loves justice and mercy. She is such a loving, giving soul. She is stunning. This girl is full of giggles and having fun. She loves Jesus fiercely and seeks to serve Him. This girl insisted on growing up. She is becoming a remarkable adult. This girl is Union High school Class of 2017, and Iowa State bound. This girl might never know how much her aunt loves her. How proud she is of her and feels blessed to capture her for these milestones. Love you Hallie Girl and so glad I get to be on the sidelines for you life cheering you on.


I love a good excuse to see this family. Hard to believe their little guy is already a year old! What an honor to get a few hours to peer into a great family and capture them being them. It’s moments like capturing Gus’ first step and the priceless look on his mama’s face that make my job awesome. I also love this family gives me the license to be artistic and try new ideas and techniques. Pretty much they are amazing clients and I am so glad they are mine!


A Special Love

Single moms have my utmost respect. They are the brave, courageous and ever so strong amount us moms.  They face stress, concern and effort I can only begin to imagine while pouring themselves fully into their kids. It’s amazing to watch.  It produces this profound bond and deep love between mother and child.  Shelly and Mela demonstrate this so well.  It was such a joy to capture this love and being allowed to showcase their bond.  Shelly is such a great mom and doing an awesome job with Mela.