I love a good excuse to see this family. Hard to believe their little guy is already a year old! What an honor to get a few hours to peer into a great family and capture them being them. It’s moments like capturing Gus’ first step and the priceless look on his mama’s face that make my job awesome. I also love this family gives me the license to be artistic and try new ideas and techniques. Pretty much they are amazing clients and I am so glad they are mine!


Just 5 minutes

I wish everyone in my life could just spend 5 minutes with this incredible family. Here is what I know that 5 minutes would do for you; it would uplift you, inspire you and simply make you smile.  Yes, this family is that powerful.  You will see people that love each other, serve each other, and strive to honor God in their actions.  The weather the day of the session was less then ideal as it decide it was fall instead of summer that day.  However, I never heard a single complaint from any of them. I am telling you simply remarkable family, just remarkable!  Once we completed the family session we focused on the tiniest of the family as she just turn one year old.  She is a delight! She is full of giggles and one of the best smiles that make her eyes disappear.  She is also very loved.










A Sweet Family

The Corn Family won a session through a fund raiser.  I am so glad they did.  They are the sweetest family.  Abby is as smart as she is adorable.  I love watching the special interaction she had with her daddy.  He had her laughing and telling stories.  It was very endearing. Micah is all boy climbing and exploring but stopping long enough to flash me a smile and show off those gorgeous blue eyes. I really enjoyed getting to know this family better and capturing them through photographs.
























Layla is pure sweetness.  It’s hard to believe she is already a year old.  She has grown and changed so much in her first year ( Newborn, 6 months) one thing has remained constant, her sweet disposition.   This little girl will flash you a pure smile and cuddle up to you in a heartbeat.  She is a delight to those who are apart of her world.  Her one year session was full of moments of her demonstrating that adorable smile. Of course a 1st Birthday celebration would not be complete without some cake, and Layla loves cake!


Clouds saved the day

When photographing two active boys under 3 cloud covering can be a photographers best friend.  The weather even though cloudy was perfect for our session.  It allowed me to photograph these two adorable boys where ever they felt like going.  I love this freedom because I get to photograph them being themselves.  William and Issac kept me on my toes but it was so much fun to watch them both interact with their mom and dad.  This is a truly loving family.  It’s hard to believe just a year ago http://heathernelsonphotography.wordpress.com/2010/05/10/stylish-baby/  they were little ones and how fast life changes and they grow.  Such a privilege to get to photograph this family again, especially on a cloudy day.


Miss Eliza B has grown since our last session.  http://heathernelsonphotography.wordpress.com/2009/11/06/miss-eliza-b/ She has turned one!  She still has those delicious cheeks and is full of personality.   She was very uncertain of walking for me, it took to the very end of the session and some solid ground to see her take off.  She was a delight to photograph.

My Own

I am often asked about my own sweet little girl.  I have to admit her photographs are often the last on the list to get completed.  I gave myself the goal of having her one year session complete before she turns 14 months old.  I made it by a few days.  This past year has gone by so fast, and she has grown so much.  I hope you enjoy viewing photos of my baby girl as much as I enjoyed taking them.