Just missed the rain

I was so happy to drive up for my session and see a gorgeous property. I was also excited about the overcast day so we could take advantage of any element of the beautiful view. The family was super sweet and worked quickly with me to get our session in between rainstorms. I am so glad it worked out while they had everyone home and could capture their beautiful family.

Special Lady

Donnie is very special lady! She captured my heart as a friend from the word hello. It’s a rare treat when you find a kindred spirit and your time with that person is always filling. It was my joy and pleasure to capture this large, amazing family of hers. It was windy and we had kids that were willing to give just so much time so we made quick work of it. I am so glad she has some images of what God has blessed her with for years to come.

Perfect Fall Day

We had a perfect fall day for this extended family session. I always enjoy getting to meet an extended family. I am usually connected to one part of the family but it’s a pleasure to meet the rest of the crew. It’s fun to see Grandparents love on their grand babies. To see cousin giggle and enjoy the time together. There is something special about watching a family catch up, interact and love each other. This perfect fall day brought exactly that. What fun it was to photograph this family.

A New Union

This session was so fun.  It was to celebrate an engagement and the new union of this family from the engagement. I loved seeing how the kids already love Trey so much.  I also enjoyed capturing Kytrell and Trey as the newness of the engagement brings giggles, sparks and expression of love. What a precious family to get in front of my camera.


A remarkable lady, and a sweet family

I first became friends with Diane along the sidelines of soccer. Even though we no longer enjoy those sidelines chats we have managed to remain in touch. I always look forward to a coffee with Diane. I love to hear her passion for her kids and the ways she teaches and embraces what inspires them. I enjoy hearing how she loves and supports Dan and champions their family business. She is pretty remarkable lady. We have talked about doing a session for many years and I am so glad it worked out this fall. It was fun getting to chat with the kids and capture this sweet family.

A fun adventure

Elle’s session was one full of fun adventure. Which may have included a bit of hiking. I loved that she had ideas and thoughts but was also interested in direction and trying different things. It was super hard to narrow these photos down for a sneak peek. This girl is stunning and does not take a bad photo.


Not as planned

Things may have not gone exactly as we planned it for this session but this family rocked it anyway.  I love that this family embraces chaos and flexibility. I think those are wonderful things to encompass in life. They were willing to do exactly what I needed when I needed them to do it.  They are a pretty remarkable bunch that have obvious love for each other.  It was great fun to take a moment out of the crazy to capture them as a family.


My chance

I usually go to Jodi to feel beautiful. She does remarkable things with my hair. I always enjoy an appointment with her. I was ecstatic when she approached me about doing some head shots. It was my turn to make her feel like the beauty she is.  This is a precious woman of God is filled with wisdom, perseverance and whimsical.   She is a gem of a woman and I am privileged to capture who she is.



Sometimes a friend of a friend hears about your work and gives you a call. Sometimes that leads to a session. Sometimes that leads to a beautiful spring day. Sometimes that leads to capturing a gorgeous senior. Sometimes that leads to capturing moments that will be embraced for years to come. This was my Saturday and I would not trade it for the world.

A Special Love

Single moms have my utmost respect. They are the brave, courageous and ever so strong amount us moms.  They face stress, concern and effort I can only begin to imagine while pouring themselves fully into their kids. It’s amazing to watch.  It produces this profound bond and deep love between mother and child.  Shelly and Mela demonstrate this so well.  It was such a joy to capture this love and being allowed to showcase their bond.  Shelly is such a great mom and doing an awesome job with Mela.