Just missed the rain

I was so happy to drive up for my session and see a gorgeous property. I was also excited about the overcast day so we could take advantage of any element of the beautiful view. The family was super sweet and worked quickly with me to get our session in between rainstorms. I am so glad it worked out while they had everyone home and could capture their beautiful family.

2020 Baby

As we all know 2020 has left us in a brave new world. Having a baby in 2020 has flipped the script of what it looks like to have a newborn. When your best friend has a baby in 2020 you try to come up with creative solutions to simple get to see that new precious boy. Anna and I both wanted to find a way to make it work. She wanted me to take his photos just as I did for her other two and I desperately wanted to meet him, and see his family I adore. So we did just that, make it work. We meet half way, I wore a mask, I washed my hands no short of 20 times and refrain from holding him despite all my auntie instincts. It was worth every minute! We captured some precious images of Owen and my heart got a bit of fill from the family I love.

Perfect Fall Day

We had a perfect fall day for this extended family session. I always enjoy getting to meet an extended family. I am usually connected to one part of the family but it’s a pleasure to meet the rest of the crew. It’s fun to see Grandparents love on their grand babies. To see cousin giggle and enjoy the time together. There is something special about watching a family catch up, interact and love each other. This perfect fall day brought exactly that. What fun it was to photograph this family.


When I think of my interactions with this family I immediately think of authentic. Even though it’s been a while since I have seen them they remain steadfast to that very word. I got to sneak a few family photos before we focused on Mateo. That last time I photographed him was 8 years ago. He was just as respectful, quiet and assured as I remembered him to be. He choose a few of his favorite locations in Kansas City to be photograph at. I also happen to love those places so it worked out well. He even showed me of a hidden bridge I was unaware of and fell in love with. It was a such a great session with such an authentic, kind and handsome young man.


This family is preparing for something I am not sure I could prepare for. They are preparing for life without their dad for a year. He is bravely defending our country in the Army as he is deployed. It was an honor and a privilege to photograph their family and allow them to have a moment captured to hold on to as they are away from each other. It’s a joint effort of sacrifice and willingness to give to our country by the whole family. What an honor it is to know them. Will you join me in praying for the Smith family this year as they serve our country?

Lifetime Clients

One of my all time favorite thing about photography is having a lifetime client. I have photographed milestones in this family from engagement, to wedding to births to first steps to yearly family photos. I simply adore it! This family has a special place in my heart! I love that they want to try new places and explore the possibilities. We had so much fun at the tree farm. I am also hugely appreciative to Krissie because she is the creative mind and extreme talent behind my awesome website. Check it out while you are here, she did such a great job!



A remarkable lady, and a sweet family

I first became friends with Diane along the sidelines of soccer. Even though we no longer enjoy those sidelines chats we have managed to remain in touch. I always look forward to a coffee with Diane. I love to hear her passion for her kids and the ways she teaches and embraces what inspires them. I enjoy hearing how she loves and supports Dan and champions their family business. She is pretty remarkable lady. We have talked about doing a session for many years and I am so glad it worked out this fall. It was fun getting to chat with the kids and capture this sweet family.

Beautiful Family

I will admit I was a bit nervous for this session.  Last time we did a family session Eli was younger and lets just say he was not a fan of a me, my camera or the smiling thing.  Thankfully he decided I was alright this time around and became my little model! One of our goals was to capture the beauty of fall and even though the leaves were not as cooperative as we like I think we were able to still enjoy the essence of fall with this beautiful family.




I love so much when a client suggest a location that has meaning to them.  I love when there is a story behind the scenery. This location was a place that has deep memories and meaning to Eli. It was fun to hear him reminisce about spending countless hours on that bridge and road.  We happen to choose a perfect date for the fall to show off it’s beauty. What a joy to photograph this family in this significant location.



I miss seeing these friends. They were apart of an extended family in a precious time of our lives. It’s sad and crazy so much time has lapse since last time we saw each other. We enjoyed laughing about the last session we did involved “twinkle twinkle little star” about 800 times. No need for me making a fool of myself this time. It ended up being a warm but beautiful day to capture this awesome family. I enjoyed getting suggestion from the kids and trying new spots. The time was too short and I pray we don’t let so much time between visits.