This Girl

This girl taught me about love at first sight and how my heart could be filled for a tiny little being.  She has in countless ways prepared me for motherhood.  This girl has been a joy all along. She has a brilliant mind. This girl loves justice and mercy. She is such a loving, giving soul. She is stunning. This girl is full of giggles and having fun. She loves Jesus fiercely and seeks to serve Him. This girl insisted on growing up. She is becoming a remarkable adult. This girl is Union High school Class of 2017, and Iowa State bound. This girl might never know how much her aunt loves her. How proud she is of her and feels blessed to capture her for these milestones. Love you Hallie Girl and so glad I get to be on the sidelines for you life cheering you on.

Our paths keep crossing

The Adkison family has been in my extended families life one way or another for the last several years.  I originally met them when they moved to my parents hometown.  Erine worked at the church where my dad volunteers.  They only had two little ones then.  I would often enjoy chats with them when I visited my folks.  I happen to be home the weekend that their youngest was born.   Then a few years ago they made a move and Erine ended up being the pastor at  my brothers church.  So our paths still keep crossing.  I enjoy anytime I get to spend with this remarkable family.  Mindy has been wanting me to photograph her family for awhile I am glad that we were able to work out the details to create some great images.

Another amazing couple

Harry and Linda have been married for 37 years.  Once again I am amazed and inspired.  I hope that Jon and I feel as at ease and comfortable with each other as Linda and Harry when we have been married that long.  I also hope we are full of laughter, just like them.  It’s so encouraging to see couples who beat the odds and make their marriage last.  Thanks for being an example!






An Aspiring Photographer?

I had the opportunity to photograph three generation in the Moody family.  After our photography session Cole started asking me about photography.  Of course, I loved telling him the details of my work.  He asked me awesome questions!  Definitely a handsome, intelligent, young man.   I hope that his interests turns into a hobby and who knows maybe a career.







The Hadachek Boys

The Hadachek boys are a handsome group.  I stated my claim  to their mom that I would take no responsibility when these boys photographed older then they are.  I was amazed to find out that J. was only 12 and B. was 10.  L. of course looked and acted like a typical 1.5 year old; running, running, running.  I was so grateful for the older boys who helped chase him.  There is an obvious love between the three boys. We had a great session!  Good luck Mom and Dad with these handsome boys, lock your doors now!










Emma and Gracie are cuties!  Gracie was not so sure about me at first. She didn’t want to be out of arms reach of her mom so we started with Emma.  Emma was great!  She loved posing and knew just the right look to give me.  When it came to Gracie’s turn she quickly decided I could be her friend because I had gum.  We were able to capture great images of both girls and even a few together.






Almost 40 years!

Necia and Stan are on the verge of 40 years of marriage.  I find that so remarkable and encouraging.  They still make each other smile, I think that might be one of their secrets.   I was also impressed as they shared with me that their weekend project was to replace the floor in the play house they have on their farm.  What a neat memory many children that they touch will have in that play house.






A woman of substance

The moment I met Suzanne I knew I liked her.  After spending the weekend in Dysart, the fact she was a woman of substance was confirmed over and over again.  I know she has been a valuable friend to my brother and sister-in-law.  It warms my heart to know that they have that love and support.  Her children only further confirmed her character.  They were charming, polite and not to mention crazy photogenic!