I know I am partial but I adore this family! They call me sister and aunt but even if they did not I would find them remarkable. They endure being in front of my camera at least once a year in some capacity and are troopers. We might bribe a little bit but still troopers! They embody love, working together and being Jesus in human form. Never would they claim perfection but real, authentic and forgiveness defines this family. Like I said I just kind of adore them! I am happy to watch them learn, grow and capture them each year.






Thin Blue Line

When I think of the Thin Blue Line I think of Javier. I think of the sacrifice he makes for to his family. His willingness to lay down his life in name of justice and protection. His willingness to carry the burden of seeing the worst of humanity every time he puts his uniform on. The fact he takes Micah 6:8 as a banner “Act justly, love mercy and walk humbly with your God”  I think on the fact that before his is a police officer, he is a Christ follower. Javier is the best of the best. He is the officer you want walking up to the scene. His level headed,  and put anyone at ease way makes him the right man to carry that badge with honor. What a privilege to capture this man and his family.



Crazy Lady

I am pretty sure these kiddos will just remember me as the crazy lady who comes  and makes them stand in crazy cold weather to get a photograph or two to document their birthday.  However, I know those same photographs are treasures to their mommy who has babies slipping away and little people replacing them. I know that as crazy as those 10 minutes can be in the cold that smile, or that certain look tells who they are in this moment.  If that is all they remember me for I am more okay with that.  I know I am capturing them in a moment that will not come back and making memories that will last.  I am very glad I get to be that crazy lady.






















A Family to Be Proud Of

I finally made it back up to Iowa to photograph one of my favorite families. They happen to be my brother’s family but they are still one of my favorites!  I had not had the chance to do a family session with them in over two years.  My nieces and nephews have changed SO much in that time.  They also added to their family in December bringing home two more beautiful kids from Africa.  I am very proud of the family Chad and Heidi have.  They could have chosen to live the “American Dream” but they felt a higher calling for their family.  They knew they wanted to impact 3 little lives from Africa that would have had a very different life there.  Even though I know they feel like they are being pulled apart in a thousand directions, they know their family is their ministry and they are honoring God in raising these magnificent seven children.  Yet again my big brother is teaching me so much.  I am blessed to be apart of it.

Another amazing couple

Harry and Linda have been married for 37 years.  Once again I am amazed and inspired.  I hope that Jon and I feel as at ease and comfortable with each other as Linda and Harry when we have been married that long.  I also hope we are full of laughter, just like them.  It’s so encouraging to see couples who beat the odds and make their marriage last.  Thanks for being an example!






An Aspiring Photographer?

I had the opportunity to photograph three generation in the Moody family.  After our photography session Cole started asking me about photography.  Of course, I loved telling him the details of my work.  He asked me awesome questions!  Definitely a handsome, intelligent, young man.   I hope that his interests turns into a hobby and who knows maybe a career.







The Hadachek Boys

The Hadachek boys are a handsome group.  I stated my claim  to their mom that I would take no responsibility when these boys photographed older then they are.  I was amazed to find out that J. was only 12 and B. was 10.  L. of course looked and acted like a typical 1.5 year old; running, running, running.  I was so grateful for the older boys who helped chase him.  There is an obvious love between the three boys. We had a great session!  Good luck Mom and Dad with these handsome boys, lock your doors now!










Emma and Gracie are cuties!  Gracie was not so sure about me at first. She didn’t want to be out of arms reach of her mom so we started with Emma.  Emma was great!  She loved posing and knew just the right look to give me.  When it came to Gracie’s turn she quickly decided I could be her friend because I had gum.  We were able to capture great images of both girls and even a few together.