A Family to Be Proud Of

I finally made it back up to Iowa to photograph one of my favorite families. They happen to be my brother’s family but they are still one of my favorites!  I had not had the chance to do a family session with them in over two years.  My nieces and nephews have changed SO much in that time.  They also added to their family in December bringing home two more beautiful kids from Africa.  I am very proud of the family Chad and Heidi have.  They could have chosen to live the “American Dream” but they felt a higher calling for their family.  They knew they wanted to impact 3 little lives from Africa that would have had a very different life there.  Even though I know they feel like they are being pulled apart in a thousand directions, they know their family is their ministry and they are honoring God in raising these magnificent seven children.  Yet again my big brother is teaching me so much.  I am blessed to be apart of it.