A Blessed Sweet Baby Girl

If you have followed my work you may have seen this family a few times, and are aware I am pretty crazy about them.  They are one of the most astonishing families I have had the privilege of knowing.  There is never  a time I walk away from this family and don’t feel blessed deep in my spirit.  This time I photographed the birth of their eleventh child (yes you read that correctly), little Miss Isabella came into the family in an unfamiliar way to her mommy and daddy.  They are use to tons of paper work,  home inspections and lots and lots of waiting.  Their other ten children came into their family by adoption, which in their own right caused much labor pains.  Isabella came by birth, she decided to come quickly and without much warning throwing her very planned out mommy for a loop.  She was welcomed with excitement and a lot of love by her other siblings.   She continues to give her parents a whole new experience (I have a feeling that might be her moto).  She will soon realize how awe-inspiring her family really is and how blessed this sweet baby girl is to be born into it.