Crazy Lady

I am pretty sure these kiddos will just remember me as the crazy lady who comes  and makes them stand in crazy cold weather to get a photograph or two to document their birthday.  However, I know those same photographs are treasures to their mommy who has babies slipping away and little people replacing them. I know that as crazy as those 10 minutes can be in the cold that smile, or that certain look tells who they are in this moment.  If that is all they remember me for I am more okay with that.  I know I am capturing them in a moment that will not come back and making memories that will last.  I am very glad I get to be that crazy lady.






















Some obstacles

When you are faced with multiple obstacles during a session what do you do?   Keep going.  That is how this session went.  It is possible that we should have quit much sooner then we did.  I am so glad we didn’t as  I was able to capture some of the cutest photographs of these sweet girls.  I am so glad their mom trusted me when I said let’s keep trying.  I do know this session will go as “remember when” kind of moments but I appreciate that will be followed by a laugh.  Life is so often memories in the making, and photography is catching those moments, so honored to catch those memories in Lilly and Layla’s life.


















You are never sure when Lilly will break into song or have a silly little phrase come out of her mouth.  She is very advanced in her verbal skills for a 2.5 year old.  This makes the things she says so unperdictable.  She cracks me up. I am often surprised at what she says and how even knew that word or phrase.   I know she leaves her parents laughing all the time.  She is entertaining to say the least and it was great fun to capture the many faces of this delightful girl.

My most difficult client turns two

By far and away Alea is my most difficult client.  I think it has something to do with being her mom and her photographer.  It might be that she is photographed more often then she would like.  It might be the stubborn streak in her that I think she may have gotten from me.  Anyway, I never look forward to my attempt to have a session with her.  However, I still walk away with some photographs that will be hung up in our house and reminds me how precious this wonderful gift is to me.  I can’t believe she is already two.  Love that little girl, stubborn streak and all.