It’s for bittersweet reasons I had the opportunity to photograph this family.  This family is moving.  For this I am sad.  I am sad because my youngest walks around the house yelling Lulu, my son is full of excitement after an adventure with Finley,  and my oldest recalls the giggles shared between her,  Emerson, and Harper.  I am sad because we exchange babysitting.  I am sad because Lydsay gets me.  I am sad because this family has become every so dear to my family.  So all of that is the bitter in the bittersweet.  The sweet is watching them having a calling on their life and not being afraid to act on it.  The sweet is knowing another family doing the hard work of ministry, walking that same journey even if it has to be so far away.  The sweet is knowing lifelong friendships have been formed and for this I am so grateful.  The sweet is also having the chance to capture their family before we part ways.  I love them dearly and so glad to call them friends.
































I was able to pull of the biggest surprise of my life a few weeks back.  I surprised my husband Jon with coordinating his best friend and his family to fly in for Jon’s ordination.  It was awesome to see disbelief and joy on his face. He has not seen his best friend (or his family) for 4 years.  In that 4 years we have added 4 children among the two families.  It was exciting to finally have everyone together.  Since both of these little girls have been born, I have been dying to photograph their beautiful blue eyes and precious smiles.  I was glad when they agree to let me. It was a fun morning of getting to know each of them that much better.  The whole weekend was so enjoyable and makes our hearts miss them even more in their absence.  I am praying it won’t be another 4 years until I get to capture them again and hug their necks. We love them dearly!


























Expressions of Love

You can easily see it.  The expression of love this family gives.  You might catch a glimpse of it when the two girls are interacting.  You can hear it when their daddy tells them countless times in different ways how beautiful his girls are.  You can see it in the  joy and interaction that is a natural rhythm to this family.  This family has a way of making expressing love seem effortless and it was my honor to capture them.




















A Lot to Accomplish in One Day (Part 1)

This family probably looks familiar to you.  I get the very distinct pleasure of being their photographer (even though their mommy is becoming a very good photographer herself).  What do you do when you need to photograph 3 year old session, a 5 year old session, family session and a newborn session.  Why just make a day of it.  I love spending time with this family so it sounded like an awesome plan to me! Since we did SO much in one day I decided to break up the sneak peek into two parts.  So you are getting the sweet older girls and family today.  Look for some really adorable newborn photographs of their very sweet sister tomorrow.  Enjoy!









Sweet Family

Jeanella heard about me through a mutual friend. It happens to be a mutual friend we both adore.  This made for a fast and easy connection.  Through out our session I got to hear some of this family’s inspiring story.  I also was able to photograph two adorable girls.  I was a little nervous about a 8 month old, as you never know how they will do.  Miss Savannah was a rock star.  She smiled on cue almost every time.  She also decided to discover her tongue just in time for our session.  Valerie also did awesome.  I love this age they are full of life and loves and are willing to share with me what those are.  One of her very evident love was for her baby sister.  She adores her and the way Savannah lights ups when Valerie appears makes it known the feelings are mutual. As I walked about from our session I kept thinking what a sweet, sweet family and how blessed I was to be able to capture their family that day.















Final Piece

I meet Doug many years ago because a friend recommend him as a great chiropractor to try.  Over the 12 years I have known Doug he went from not only being my chiropractor (which he truly is an amazing one, just got voted Best Chiropractor in Shawnee, KS) to being a trust friend and often a much needed encourager.  Doug has watched my life transform from a single woman to a married one into motherhood, he has watch me walk through the transition from teacher to photographer and has been a listening ear, and support through all the many paths my life has taken.  I have also gotten to go through some of his journey in life as well.  The most exciting being his recent marriage to Tracy.  When he married Tracy he also gained two precious, sweet girls in his life.  I so enjoyed watching him with his ladies as we did our sessions.  He is over the moon about all three of them, and I think they think he is pretty okay as well.  It does my heart well to see him in love and apart of such a great family.  It’s like a final piece of a puzzle was filled in his life.



















An Adventure at Union Station

I had a great session full of adventure with Lilly and Layla.  We went to the Union Station which was full of awesome photography opportunities.  We had several clothing changes that added to the fun of different styles and different looks.  Their mom gave me permission to do whatever I wanted to do which allowed me to push myself creatively and do things I might not otherwise do.  The girls were great sports and we were able to capture some timeless photographs.













Much anticipation

Layla was a baby born with much mystery until she arrived.  Her parents knew the details of her gender and her name but choose not to share those details.  All of their friends and family were very anxious to hear all about the specifics.  Even big sister Lilly was in the dark.  She turned out to be a healthy, beautiful little girl that adds so much to this awesome family of four.

My most difficult client turns two

By far and away Alea is my most difficult client.  I think it has something to do with being her mom and her photographer.  It might be that she is photographed more often then she would like.  It might be the stubborn streak in her that I think she may have gotten from me.  Anyway, I never look forward to my attempt to have a session with her.  However, I still walk away with some photographs that will be hung up in our house and reminds me how precious this wonderful gift is to me.  I can’t believe she is already two.  Love that little girl, stubborn streak and all.

Being an Aunt

Jane embraces her role as an aunt to the fullest, with her beautiful nieces I do not blame her.   It is evident in the way she pours her love into each of these little girls.  They very obviously return that affection as well.   Jane is accomplished, tender-hearted, and just overall fantastic person to know, all traits I am sure the older they get the more and more they will realize what a blessing having Jane as their aunt is.