Final Piece

I meet Doug many years ago because a friend recommend him as a great chiropractor to try.  Over the 12 years I have known Doug he went from not only being my chiropractor (which he truly is an amazing one, just got voted Best Chiropractor in Shawnee, KS) to being a trust friend and often a much needed encourager.  Doug has watched my life transform from a single woman to a married one into motherhood, he has watch me walk through the transition from teacher to photographer and has been a listening ear, and support through all the many paths my life has taken.  I have also gotten to go through some of his journey in life as well.  The most exciting being his recent marriage to Tracy.  When he married Tracy he also gained two precious, sweet girls in his life.  I so enjoyed watching him with his ladies as we did our sessions.  He is over the moon about all three of them, and I think they think he is pretty okay as well.  It does my heart well to see him in love and apart of such a great family.  It’s like a final piece of a puzzle was filled in his life.