Last Two

I absolutely love becoming a families goto photographer. I love watching kids grow up to adults. I love getting to apart of a families milestones. This family is pretty dear to my heart and I can hardly believe it was time for the last two kids to be ready for senior photos. I first meet the twins when they were very young. It reminds me how quickly time really does pass. Our session allowed me to wander Kansas City which always makes my heart happy. They introduced me to some new hot spots and we went to some good oldies. It was a fun morning capturing what makes these two who they are.

An Heirloom

I had the chance to dust off my camera after quarantine and photograph this lovely family. The dress the little girl is wearing is a family heirloom. It was made by her great-great grandmother for her great grandmother. Each little girl in the family has been photograph in this dress and the photos are displayed beautifully in her great grandma’s house. What a fantastic tradition and an honor to have my photo hung to continue the gallery.


If you have followed my blog for any amount of time you know I deeply love this family. It’s been exciting to watch them grow as a family and be included in newborn photography, family photos through the years and now senior sessions. Last year I photographed their oldest and this year I get to photograph their first set of twins. They were so gracious to share the spot light with each other. It was fun to focus on what made each of them special however. ┬áMicah has an abundant amount of natural athletic talent. He is unassuming about his abilities though. Savannah loved every minute of getting to be a model for a day. It was fun to see her smile so easily and strike a pose. They are both remarkable young people and such a privilege to get to spend the day with.