Back where it all began

I love when I have clients that suggest fun locations. I can always count on that with Krissie and Travis. This time they decided to go back to the site of their engagement photos. Somehow 10 years has slipped through our fingers and we adventured there again. It was fun to look back and recreate some of their same poses and include their 2 children. It was a gorgeous day and we had fun reminiscing. I always enjoy capturing this family and hope I have the chance to for the next 10 years as well!

Before My Eyes



David’s family is very dear to mine. I feel like I have literally watched him grow up before my eyes.  I am not sure who was in more shocked that it was time to schedule senior session his mom or I.  Just doesn’t seem possible!  David is an excellent story teller.  I often found myself caught up in his story and forgetting to also take photographs.  It was a fun session and I think we got some great images.

























Love on The Plaza

I love The Plaza in Kansas City.  It’s always full of life.   When Amelia suggested it as the place to take their engagement photographs I was more then happy to take them there.  However, I quickly found out that The Plaza was much more then a fun destination location for this couple.  They meet at Seasons 52 for their first date that ended up lasting for hours walking around The Plaza. They spent most of their date night falling in love at The Plaza as it was the perfect mid way point for them to meet.  It was en lighting to walk around with them and they would share why different spot where so special to them.  The Plaza became much more then a pretty backdrop for this engagement session but more a capturing of many memories of them falling in love.  It was my honor to capture those moments.


















Perfect Mix

Ava in my opinion is a perfect mix of her mom and dad. I love getting to hang out with her and see glimpses of both of them.  A certain phrase, look, or smile just reminds me of one or the other.  Don’t get me wrong there is plenty that is all Ava.  She turned six this year.  I have been photographing her since she was a baby.  It’s hard to believe she is already that old. She is at a really fun age though.  She was full of ideas of where we should and what she should do.  She was full of giggles, smiles and the perfect serious look.  This amazing mix of her parents is turning into a pretty incredible girl blessed I get to capture her each year.














So much fun

I had so much fun doing Kailey’s senior portraits.  She is so easy going.  I particular liked she got my communication.  I could say a simple word like “whimsical” and she would go in a perfect pose. I have also failed to mention that she has such a striking beauty, not only on the outside but evident on the inside as well.   She braved some chilly weather to get some amazing photographs that I hope encapsulates all that Kailey is.  It was definitely a fun session to be apart of!