Perfect Day

Katie & Daniel had the perfect day for a wedding. It was such a lovely day that was only made more complete by a gorgeous bride and smitten groom. It was a joy to spend the day with them capturing their wedding memories. This is a sweet couple that I have been able to walk along side from day one.  The journey to their love story had a few twists and turns but I am glad it lead straight to the alter in the end. I am excited not only to be part of their wedding day but to have side line view of their marriage as well. I know it’s going to be a good one.


Writing of a love story

Every great love story as a beginning, I have had the privilege of getting to watch this love story unfold.  I love the idea these two knew each other once and it wasn’t till years later that it became let’s spend the rest of our lives together. Like any good love story there has been bumps in the road but watching them learn and overcome them makes for the best read. I am excited to be apart of their day when they commit to forever. They are adorable to watch and are an amazing couple.  God has big plans for these two as a couple and I will enjoy watching Him finish the love story for many years to come.


Precious Moments

A few short months ago my sister in law got married.  What a joy and privilege it was to capture her day!  She has dreamed of this day for a long time.  I could not be happier for her and her husband. One of the special parts of this wedding was finding ways to include my mother in law who was in the hospital.  It was touching as Sharlie found ways to include Mary in each part of the day. She was on the phone viewing Sharlie getting in her dress. There was not a dry eye in the room when Mary expressed how beautiful she thought Sharlie looked. Sharlie had a photo of both of them as part of her bouquet.  Mary had 3 different views via skype for the ceremony, probably having the best view of the wedding. When the last toast had been toasted and last dance was done Sharlie’s first stop was visiting her mom in the hospital. What a precious time it was as they recounted the wedding to Mary.  Mary had the biggest smile on her face taking it all in.  These important moments that I had the opportunity to observe are etched in my mind. My mother in law lost her battle with cancer 3 short weeks later. I know she longed to see Sharlie on her wedding day and was so utterly proud of her.  I am so glad she was apart of seeing them become man and wife.  I am also glad we have these images to remember such an important joyous day in our family.



































To See Her This Way

About 12 years ago I meet for the first time this vibrant, tell it how it is, full of laughter lady.  She became my sister-in-law a year later.  She is till all those things but now she is also in love.  It is so much fun to see her this way.  To watch her trust and give herself to Terrill is precious.  It does my heart well to see the glow and demonstrations of satisfaction and contentment.  It was my privilege to capture their sweet love.






A Gorgeous Day

You could not order a more beautiful day for a intimate outdoor wedding.  It was the sort of day people dream of having when they plan an outdoor wedding. Amelia and Rob were granted that dream. Not only was the day breathtaking but the bride was as well.  She glowed and looked stunning in her wedding dress.  All the little details that go into planning a wedding came together and made for a nice little gathering to celebrate the marriage of Amelia and Rob.



























A Love Story

I love that this love story is 10 years in the making.  I love that this love story includes 4 beautiful children. I love that this love story includes authenticity.  Tim and Brittany would the first to tell you that it’s not been easy, it’s not all roses and fairy dust but it’s worth it.  Their love story involves moves, job changes, career changes and lots of laughs, heart and sacrifice. Their story involves surrendering daily to God.  They are willing to do the hard part of working on marriage so they can have a day to celebrate 10 years.  These are the love story I truly love.



























Difference 10 years makes

Tim and Brittany celebrated their 10 year anniversary.  Brittany surprised Tim with a vow renewal ceremony.  It was awesome!   In 10 years Tim and Brittany have welcomed 4 children (and still fit into her wedding dress!).  They were all front and center to experience their parents  declaring their love and commitment to each other. I have many more moments to share from this wedding renewal however I couldn’t let this beautiful family photograph wait.


A Colorado Wedding

I was so excited when Brandon and Laura asked us to photograph their Colorado wedding.  It wasn’t only because Colorado is one of my very favorite places to visit but Laura holds a dear place in my heart.  I was so glad to be able to be there on her very special day. They had a perfect fall day for their wedding. Their wedding was small, which made it  a nice, intimate setting.  Laura’s dress was magnificent.  I loved the how Brandon’s suspenders and bow-toe easily demonstrated  Brandon’s natural personality.  The whole day was relaxed and about enjoying the people we were their to celebrate. It’s always an honor tell the wedding day story for a great couple.


















A Beautiful Day

Dave is an old friend that had a lot of influence on who my husband has come to be as a man.  He has always held a special place in our heart. We were delighted when he contacted us to photograph his wedding.  It was great to catch up with him and meet his beautiful bride Ashley.  It was an absolutely gorgeous wedding day. The Uptown Theater was such a fun place to experience for a wedding location.  The highlight of Uptown might be getting to see your name on the marque in lights for the whole world to see.   Our hope is the love that was evident on your wedding day only continues to multiple with the years to come.  Thanks for letting us capture your day!

Near and Dear to My Heart

I have looked forward to photographing Anna’s engagement session for many, many years.  She has patiently waited, earnestly prayed and quietly sought the person God had intended for her.  As Anna’s best friend I did much of the same, you see Anna is one of the dearest people in my life for a thousand different reasons and not just any man would do.  She is seriously one of the best people God has designed and the person that got to spend the rest of their life with her had to be something pretty amazing.  Through a wonderful love story Eric came to be that man.  I think what I like best about him is that he realizes the prize he has won when he ask for Anna’s hand and is thankful to God for the gift of her.  What more could a best friend ask for?