A Gorgeous Day

You could not order a more beautiful day for a intimate outdoor wedding.  It was the sort of day people dream of having when they plan an outdoor wedding. Amelia and Rob were granted that dream. Not only was the day breathtaking but the bride was as well.  She glowed and looked stunning in her wedding dress.  All the little details that go into planning a wedding came together and made for a nice little gathering to celebrate the marriage of Amelia and Rob.



























A Precious Family

The last time I photographed this family was 2.5 years ago.  As any family the boys have grown, but these boys have grown more then just in stature.  The last time we did a session they were new to America, new to a family, and  new to unconditional love.  They are now so full of joy, life, and love.  They are super sweet, extremely polite and just fun to be around.  They also will revile for some of the most handsome boys I get to photograph. This family is just precious!  I love watching adoption unfold.  I love watching a family become a family and knowing the hard work that went into getting to this point.  I love even more being able to capture them in photographs.















A Great Excuse

A photography session is often a good excuse to travel to Kansas City and see a friend.  This was one of those sessions.  Kristin and I have become friends over the last few years.  When I lived in KC we occasionally enjoyed playdates and kid free lunches.  I had not seen her in several months since I had moved.  So when she called to set up a session I was excited at a chance to photograph her beautiful family and a chance to catch up a little.