The English Family

I also had the opportunity to photograph the entire English family in our session.  They are a great family.  Little Mr. Eli got so tuckered out from his individual session that he couldn’t keep his eyes open for the family photos.  He was content to snuggle up to his mama and sleep.  He awoke just in enough time to have a few photographs taken with his brothers.  I also was able to capture a few of just Erin and John.  They just celebrated their tenth anniversary this year.  I enjoy seeing a couple that no only takes the job of raising their kids seriously but also cultivating their relationship as well.








One thought on “The English Family

  1. Heather you have truly captured them by your words and photographs, Having known the English family since the beginning these pics could not have been any better!
    They are a beautiful family inside and out and I am blessed to know them!
    Way to show their beauty in a light we see them in everyday 🙂
    Love you guys!

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