Dream League

I had the opportunity to photograph a few basketball games through Dream League ( is Kansas City’s new NCAA Certified Pro-Am basketball league.   The league is comprised of current and former college and professional athletes looking to prove themselves against the “best of the best”. )  This League is sponsered through Livin the Dream.  http://www.livin-the-dream.com/#/home

“Livin’ The Dream is an organization geared towards the positive influence of all people through the game of basketball. At Livin’ The Dream we believe “Everything is possible for him who believes.”(Mark 9:23) and we help others realize the potential that lies within each of them to live out their dreams in today’s society. We encourage those people to dream and believe in order to achieve their lifelong goals.  Livin’ The Dream inspires people of all ages with the love of Christ by using basketball as a teaching platform. We currently provide basketball camps, clinics, private skill development, youth basketball teams and national and international exhibition competitions against college and professional teams.”

I enjoyed getting to try to use different skills with photography.  It was also fun to see such talented players play in one location.  I look forward to photographing the Championship game on August 7th, 2011.